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Michelle Carter, welcome to your tape.

In the year of 13 Reasons Why, this is an awkward time to be on trial for assisting a suicide. 

  • Did Conrad Roy take his own life using his own free will to do so? Yes.

  • Would Conrad Roy have taken his life that day if Michelle Carter had not been involved? We. Don't. Know.

  • Michelle Carter did, howevener, have a heavy hand in encouraging and influencing Roy's decision - regardless of the acts potential criminal implications....

This doesn't mean "she did it" it means she was a highly influenced teen who was very intimately attached to a hollywood incident that one year later happened to play out in her own life. 

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Autumn Equinox 2016

What is an Equinox? 

An Equinox occurs twice a year, in September and March, when the tilt of the Earth’s axis and Earth’s orbit around the sun combine in such a way that the axis is inclined neither away from nor toward the sun.

Earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the sun’s rays about equally around equinox-time. The sun is overhead at noon as seen from the equator. Night and day are approximately equal in length.

Important things to note: 

  • Today, Mercury is out of Retrograde! (We made it!)
  • Until December's Winter Solstice, the days will get shorter, with the Solstice typically being the shortest day of the year.
  • "Equinox" is derived from the Latin "equi", meaning equal, and "nox", meaning night. This implies an equal amount of daylight and nighttime, however, that will not actually happen until September 25, 2016.
  • This morning of the Equinox, the Sun enters Libra - the sign of equal scales 
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Positivity Project - Master List



What, at once, looks like a time of despair can ultimately be a time of great change and growth and renewal.  See more for aaaallll the pictures...

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Response: Happier Podcast, Lucky Charms

My strange good luck charm is my PHONE WALLPAPER.

When I'm im in need of an emotional shift or support - I'll change my phone background around to suit where my head is at.

If I choose one that lasts a long time or through something significant -- the galaxy print that traveled with me through Europe; the Danielle LaPorte mantra "Vitality is your natural state" that pulled me through a difficult fall/winter; and currently a pop-art pic of Baddie Winkle helping gain personal momentum -- I notice it takes on stronger meaning. 

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Style story: Pale-Neutral - Spring Purses for Every Budget

Pastels are IN this Spring and Summer (Thanks, Pantone). Unfortunately, I associate most pastels with my grandmother, babyshowers, and unfortunate interior design. I'm only recently coming back around to the idea of wearing pastels on my body - powder blue and baby pink, for me, are TOUGH.  However, I've found some solutions and better yet - inspiration!

Here are the main categories of pastels we're working with in 2016... 

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Life After 30 (high altitude, single origin, 1800m above sea level only)

The above subtitle is one I read about espresso - in a pay-for-content, blog-famous personality's 2016 Almanac. It made me laugh. It put some ideas in perspective - I've been mulling over the differences between those in their twenties and we in our thirties. This description illustrates what I've discovered astutely... 

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5 Elements of a Healthy Relationship

This post is inspired by Bree Ryback's 5-year wedding anniversary, written about on her lovely site Capitol Romance. For as hyped as DC is about weddings, I assume you've heard of it. Bree's reflecting this week spurred a quick Twitter exchange sharing our desire for more people to talk about (write, actually) their successful, loving relationships.

There are TOO MANY articles on, "how to win the guy", "when to lose the guy", "how to gay-flirt in a straight culture", "how to know when a relationship is toxic", and not enough expounding on what a good, healthy, long-term relationship looks and feels like.

I don't claim to know.

I'm here to acknowledge the void and need for such material...

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All suffering is the same.

- This is a loaded concept, but one I was advised to accept for my own sanity. Everyone suffers at one time or another - it's not a matter of why or how - it's a matter of regard that its happening and practicing compassion.


Outrageous, I know. People in third-world countries unquestionably suffer more than I do, right? While I believe that to be true, that has little IRL, real-world application. I practice gratitude to account for the privilege I was born into. I practice this common-suffering concept to account for  all my judgement-of-others I also was born into. 

Facebook is a breeding ground for arguments about right and wrong but a base level of understanding and empathy would really do everyone a ton of good. 

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Comparison is an ego disease. 

My posting about style is about as amateur as it gets, I'm aware. There are women my age (and younger!) running fashion magazines, labels, brands, million-hit-blogs and I'm touting the virtues of hand-me-downs. Luckily, that's not the point - but my brain insists on it being a factor. 

Last night, I went to a hookah bar with Mickey and Anthony (both 22). Their 5:30pm shots of tequila allowed for a rather exploratory scope of conversation. I saw my brother and his friend in a different light - as struggling young adults, uncomfortable in their growing pains - it is a tough summer. Most of his friends, including Anthony, graduated while Mick's staying on to do another year for his graduate degree. Everyone's working and moving away from friends and girlfriends - wondering if and how these relationships will last...

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